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Your Personal Financial Homepage

How hard would it be to draw a picture of all of your family's accounts, including where they are and what they are worth today? Just think: your checking and savings accounts, your spouse's checking and savings, joint bank accounts, IRAs, 401(k)s, brokerage accounts, trust accounts, college savings plans, credit cards, annuities, etc... it's a lot to keep track of.

Now add all of your other assets (homes, business, loans, cars, etc.), all of your important documents, your income and your expenses.

Almost impossible to get it all on one page? How many folders or websites would you have to search to find the information you need?

We know how challenging creating that picture can be,let alone keeping track of the changes when you don't have time to stay on top of it. This is why we create a secure personal financial homepage with all of your important information as part of our Personal CFO Services.

For more information, click here to view a video.

Features include:

  • 24/7 access to all of your investment and banking accounts
  • Convenient storage of important documents such as Wills, Trust Documents, Tax Returns, Business Agreements, etc.
  • Access to various reports and calculators which enable you to get a better understanding of your wealth
  • Daily updates on your net worth, portfolio allocations, cash flow models, college savings, etc.
  • All of this in an environment secured by the same technology the FBI uses to protect their information!

If you would like to set an appointment for a personal walk-through of what your Personal Financial Homepage could look like, please give us a call at 800-456-1718.

Please note that this service is only available through the use of our Financial Planning Services.